Week Forty-Five: Dodoitsu

Meet the Dodoitsu

The Dodoitsu is one of a wide variety of popular Japanese haiku variations. While some poetic forms can seem daunting and overly restrictive, the elegant simplicity of these forms gives them an air of accessibility that is inviting to poets of all ages and levels of experience.

Key Features of the Dodoitsu

Title: Title optional

Form: Usually consists of a single four-line stanza (quatrain)

Syllables: The first three lines contain seven syllables, and the final line contains five

Content: Traditionally have a theme of love or work and occasionally feature a humorous, unexpected twist


An Original Dodoitsu

Spring Garden

Black-eyed Susans, snapdragons
and lavender for the bees;
sugar water, Wendy’s Wish
for the hummingbirds.


Want to Learn More? Start Here:

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Come back every Friday for a new form!

~ Creative works are owned by the author and subject to copyright laws ~

Write your own Dodoitsu and share in the comments!

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