Week Thirty-Three: Anagrammatic Poem


Jumblers and scrabblers are well-versed in the art of the anagram, a technique that uses the shuffling of a given selection of letters to find new words. Anagrams can be a lot of fun, so it’s no surprise they are used in many popular word games and puzzles.

Key Features of the Anagrammatic Poem

Content: Always titled, and only letters featured in the title can be used

Form: The anagrammatic method can be combined with existing poetic forms (such as the haiku, sonnet, etc.) or used to create new ones.


Anagrammatic [a hay(na)ku]

I am
An anagrammatic man.


An Original Poem

February [a hay(na)ku]

buy beer
rub furry bear


Want to Learn More? Start Here:

Anagrammatic Poetry – Writer’s Digest
Anagrammatic Poetry – Wikipedia
Anagram – Poetry Foundation


Come back every Friday for a new form!

~ Creative works are owned by the author and subject to copyright laws ~

Write your own anagrammatic poem and share in the comments!

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