Week Forty-Three: Monotetra

Meet the Monotetra

The Monotetra is a modern form developed by New Zealand poet Michael Walker. The form, with its meter and short monorhymed lines, has a singsong quality that lends itself to lighter verse.

Key Features of the Monotetra

Form: consists of any number of four-line stanzas (quatrains)

Rhyme: monorhymed within each stanza

Syllables: four metrical feet (or eight syllables) per line

Ending: the same four syllables are repeated in the final line of each stanza


An Original Monotetra

I Sing the Blues

When all the words I write confuse;
When my weak voice won’t reach the muse,
And life shows me no other hues,
I sing the blues; I sing the blues.


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