Week Forty: The Cascade

Creating the Cascade 

The Cascade is a modern stanzaic form invented by poet Udit Bhatia. In the cascade, each line of the first stanza is repeated later in the poem.

Key Features of the Cascade

Form: each line in the first stanza is repeated as the final line of each of the following stanzas


An Original Cascade

Wait and See

If we take it day by day,
We’ll see how it goes.
Tomorrow may bring something new.

Despite the walls placed in our way,
We’ll find the room to grow
If we take it day by day.

The gods of old have gone, and so
We last remaining faithless few
Wait and see how it goes.

The April sky is still sometimes blue;
It’s not always this cloudy grey.
Tomorrow may bring something new.

A Note on My Original Cascade

While rhyme is not a formal requirement of the cascade, I’ve added a rhyme scheme of my own invention to add to the challenge.


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